New Recording: The Loss of Small Objects


On her new album Debora's Canary, piccoloist Debora Rosti recorded The Loss of Small Objects, together with other works by Italian composers.

You can listen to the piece on Spotify, or you can order a hard copy of the CD at Da Vinci Publishing.

People lose things all the time, often small objects of great value. I was thinking about this when I was composing this work for piccolo—the smallest instrument in the family of flutes.

The piccolo too often plays a limited role: in orchestral music it is the superlative of the highest register; in chamber music, it is almost non-existent. It almost seems like the piccolo got lost underway among the larger instruments.

In The Loss of Small Objects I wanted to hear the piccolo in its lower, archaic register. Not screamingly loud but rather soft; not on roller coaster speed but oddly flowing and lyrical.