Embrace, for Rianne Wilbers

Performance - Rianne Wilbers
Composer - Anthony Fiumara
Camera & Edit - Stefan Martens, Jornt Duyx
Audio - Jornt Duyx
Dress - Dauvia Nijenhuis

Rianne and I asked our followers on social media: what do you think of when you hear the word 'Embrace'. Out of these replies I distilled these lyrics:

Embrace yourself.
Embrace all that is you.
Embrace the piece and silence.
Embrace everything you feel.
Embrace the cold and the warm.
Embrace the people around you.
Embrace all you cannot change.
Embrace the people who wouldn’t.
Embrace for warmth.
Embrace to be safe.
Embrace me hold me and give me some safety,
In this world of uncertainty.
Embrace and feel that you can carry and cherish yourself.
Embrace your loved ones in happiness and sadness.
The first embrace from your crib and the love we felt when you were born.
Embrace to be safe.