Vitreous Body

Program note
Fedor Teunisse of Slagwerk Den Haag (The Hague Percussion) asked me to put together a program with the early works of Philip Glass. In addition, he commissioned me to compose new music for the same concert.

I love the rhythmic patterns, the long lines and the modality in Glass’ early music, but I found it interesting to see that his legacy has led my work in a different direction.

In Vitreous Body I made a small catalog of my language so far in six parts. In Petals and Remix I use Renaissance music that I stretch in various ways or quote with the sounds and instruments of today.

The slowness in Choral and North Star (a title I stole from Glass, though the music has got nothing to do with it) circling around a few tones that appear in different constellations.

Broken and Vitreous body, the melodies are rolling off as falling balls of wool. Broken has the form of a fractured vocal line, whereas in Vitreous Body eight voices are moving slowly but surely downwards.
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More info
Commissioned by and written for Slagwerk Den Haag
First performance
February 18, 2017 by Slagwerk Den Haag in Stadstheater Arnhem.
Sheet music
Available for rent/purchase from Deuss Music.
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