Program note
Working on the assignment to create new work for Trio Mediaeval I envisaged a piece that would be as clear and uncluttered as the mediaeval and early renaissance music that is the mainstay of the trio’s repertory.

In my own way I have attempted to capture the freshness of such early polyphony in Falling. The intriguing text (Walking & Falling) by multimedia artist Laurie Anderson was an important compass. Her simple, repetitive description of a vain search for someone followed by an aphorism regarding walking (is equal to falling) steered my music precisely in the right direction.

The Trio also encouraged me to incorporate the hand chimes (a type of portable vibraphone key with built-in mallet) they used during their last concert in the Netherlands. In Falling, these cascading pointed sounds form an additional layer alongside the vocal lines.
Score sample
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3 solo voices SSS (or chorus) and 6 hand chimes
More info
Commissioned by Trio Mediaeval and Neil Wallace.
First performance
February 19 2010, Rotterdam by Trio Mediaeval
Sheet music
Available for rent/purchase from Deuss Music.