Solo for Bass Clarinet

Program note
Solo For Bass Clarinet consists of a complete permutational set of four notes, distributed in turn by permutation over three registers (actually four in total): a ritual of repetitions-that-keep-appearing-in-different-patterns.

Out of curiosity I made two sketches of the work, a chromatic one and a diatonic one. Surprisingly enough the character of those two versions is completely different: the diatonic version sounds almost harmonic, in the chromatic one the different registers come out more clearly.

In the end I couldn’t choose between the two solos — so I decided to keep both, leaving the choice to the performer. I want an electronic ‘cathedral’ reverb to give the tones and gestures more space — making it sound like a lightly articulated continuum, changing almost imperceptibly and slowly ascending.
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Score sample
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Bass clarinet and electronic reverb
12' (chormatic version)
9' (diatonic version)
First performance
October11, 2009, De Pont Museum Tilburg, by Michel Marang.
Sheet music
Available for rent/purchase from Deuss Music.