2014-2015: composer in residence @Noord Nederlands Orkest


In season 2014-2015 I will be composer in residence at the Noord Nederlands Orkest. This year, I will be composing a festive overture for the opening of the renovated De Lawei in Drachten. I will also write another new work, plus a Steve Reich orchestration. And I will be writing a weblog for the NNO on a regular basis, dealing with subjects like composing for orchestra and the like.

NNO is highly praised for its artistic accomplishments during the last few years. Paul Janssens, critic for Mens en Melodie (June 2003), acclaimed magazine for classical musical professionals, described the NNO as “The best and most adventurous regional orchestra of the Netherlands”.

Each season many Dutch and world premieres as well as the high level of performance contribute to this point of view. In 2006 the orchestra was nominated for the prestigious VSCD Klassieke Muziekprijs (Classical Music Award of the association for the combined theaters and concert halls in the Netherlands) “for it’s adventurous and daring programming of classical repertoire and other styles of music”.

I'll keep you posted!

New CD: Cloud Chamber by Lunapark

My 2008 ensemble piece Cloud Chamber is featuring on the first CD of the new label M Records, by Muziekgebouw Eindhoven. The CD was recorded by Lunapark. It includes works by Louis Andriessen, Piet-Jan van Rossum, Arnold Marinissen and Dugal McKinnon.

Cloud Chamber is a comment on the first movement of Beethoven's last string quartet, Opus 132. Out of esteem I decided not to go standing too close to the master. Instead, in Cloud Chamber I am looking at Beethoven from a distance. Like his contemporary Kaspar David Friedrich puts the ‚Rückenfiguren’ in his paintings as a small silhouet, in rear view, and as part of a vast landscape.

You can buy the CD, titled A beautiful bed to lie down in, in Lunapark's webshop, or on iTunes.

New CD: For Aart Strootman and Dust by electric guitarist Aart Strootman

Electric guitarist Aart Strootman recently recorded my pieces For Aart Strootman and Dust, on an album that includes work by Steve Reich and Strootman himself.

A couple of years ago, when asked by electric guitarist Aart Strootman to write a new work, I reverted to one of my Graduales for voices. For Aart Strootman uses the principle of change ringing, just like the first Graduale: a maximum of combinations with a limited number of bells.

Like Bells and For Aart Strootman, Dust is part of a series of pieces for electric guitar. The overall title for this series will be Grids, which is exactly what these pieces are: electric guitar studies built on tight frameworks.

You can buy the CD on Aart Strootman's website.

Impure in Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, Amsterdam

On Saturday February 1, Lunapark will be performing Impure, the concise and fast paced ensemble piece I composed last year. It will be accompanied by the Danny de Graan's new iPad concerto and Frederic Rzewski's Short Cuts, the later featuring the fabulous pianist Ralph van Raat.

You can buy your tickets for the concert here.