The Skin of the Sound

by Joep Stapel
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"The same anew. Always the same, but from a different perspective: I find that a beautiful motto.” The same made new: this is the idea running through Anthony Fiumara's whole catalogue, from static orchestral works to raw solos; crackling electronic music to well-formed songs. Always that sameness, searched for in the beauty of form.

Fiumara (Tilburg, 1968) isn’t a composer who exploits ingenious instrumentations to evoke a huge pallet of colours. Most of his pieces are strikingly monochromatic – they have their own sound, to use a term borrowed from the terminology of pop music.

The skin of the sound, that’s what it’s all about, the unapproachable beauty of the sound itself. Fiumara is just as fascinated by sounds produced in pop and electronic music as those produced by a symphony orchestra. As a composer he’s always a producer, too, creating circumstances that allow time to flow fully with sound, and with beauty.

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